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Who’s The Right Influencer For Your Product Or Brand?

Influencer marketing is one of the most important forms of digital marketing, especially for social media. In 2021, influencer marketing-related companies grew by 26% to 18,900 worldwide. Yet, there are still some challenges faced by in-house marketers when finding the right influencer. Here are some factors that may help you streamline your influencer hunting process:

    • Audience
      Understanding your audience is similar to understanding your influencers. You would want to learn about their location, gender, age range, and interests. Considering these factors will help you reach the right audience to communicate about your products/services.


    • Relevance
      Collaborate with influencers who fit well with your brand, and not only because the influencer is famous. Before you consider if the influencer is right for you, try to imagine how your products/services will be advertised by your chosen influencers.


    • Authenticity
      When looking for influencers, spend some time checking the accounts that engage with their content, including their followers list. Fake profiles are rampant, so you may come across influencers with fake followers or engagements.


    • Content quality
      Before you reach out to that influencer, ask yourself some questions like, “How many times does this influencer post in a week?” or “What kind of industry does he/she focus on?” Review their content on social media and check if everything is clear and consistent especially if they are utilizing their social media well.


    • Engagement rate
      77% of marketers believe the engagement rate is the most important indicator of a successful influencer campaign. Good quality content can result in a good engagement rate. Thus, having a good engagement rate means the audience cares about what the influencers post.


Influencers have helped many businesses across industries in strengthening their customer relationship, brand visibility, good conversion rates, and return on investment. While it may seem easy to choose the right influencer, it’s still necessary to do your due diligence because what they post will be a reflection of your brand/service.

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